Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hi Everyone

The authors of the first four TIME RAIDERS books have been busy over at! First, let me catch you up to speed :-)

Cindy Dees leads off with a prequel on TIME RAIDERS in a Silhouette Nocturne Bite. This ebook will be available in July, 2009 and is titled THE SEDUCTION. This will give readers a peek at how TIME RAIDERS was created!

And then, the actual series via Silhouette Nocturne begins with THE SEEKER by Lindsay McKenna in August 2009.

THE SLAYER by Cindy Dees in September 2009

THE AVENGER by PC Cast in October 2009

THE PROTECTOR by Merline Lovelace in November 2009

If you love a combination of time travel, history, famous women throughout our history, hot romance and high danger mixed with adventure, you will love this new series!! Created by ROMVETS (women who were in the military or serving currently list), you know they will be page turners!

We have just created at NEWLETTER at our TIME RAIDER website. Run over there and sign up! The NEWSLETTER is at the bottom of the front page. You won't be sorry you did.


Because we are going to have a HUGE announcement early next week that will make you WANT to be signing up for that newsletter!! Our secret for our readers will be revealed shortly! And once you know what it is, you will gasp in shock and pleasure :-) Word of what this secret will hit like a bombshell and ripple throughout the Internet. Guaranteed. So, be sure to sign up!

Get the TIME RAIDERS FEVER! Spread the word! Because once our secret is unveiled, you are going to be VERY PLEASED by the surprise!!

Warmly, Lindsay McKenna with Merline Lovelace, co-copyright owners of TIME RAIDERS, the series

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Time Raiders Series Website Launches

It's arrived... the newly designed website for the upcoming series, The Time Raiders. Please check out all the wonderful things happening at including a free give-a-way.